1 - Create your Wallet

  • You can create your wallet through Trust Wallet or Metamask (there are others, but these will be useful for your days);

  • In both you must save your recovery phrase; write it down on a paper or notepad, you will need it whenever you want to move your wallet to other devices.

Attention: you must use the BSC network (BEP-20). Using the wrong network can lead to loss of funds. For Metamask, you must select the network manually (recommended looking for tutorials on Youtube if you have no experience).

2 - Send BNB to this wallet

  • Send BNB in the desired amount to your wallet (via the BEP-20 network). For this you will need to have an account on a Centralized Exchange (Binance, Gate.io, KuCoin...) or some external P2P.

  • After sending BNB to your wallet (you should see BNB Smart Chain) remember to always keep an amount to pay the network fees on each operation. Example: if you have $100 in BNB and you are going to buy $IGGY, buy less than $100 to have BNB and pay for fees from the network (to sell you also need to have some BNB).

3 - Buying $IGGY

  • PancakeSwap: After the sales steps, you will be able to buy $IGGY on PancakeSwap.

To buy at PancakeSwap:

Swap link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x56a8969ecb36527e5458b1e33602a829d7a3e79b&inputCurrency=BNB

Contract address: 0x56a8969ecb36527e5458b1e33602a829d7a3e79b

  • Copy the $IGGY smart-contract adress (You can also copy the direct buylink, search the community, website or whitepaper); join to PancakeSwap via your wallet or browser;

  • Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap by selecting the BSC network; always select the correct network so you don't lose funds;

  • Paste the contract address $IGGY, confirm and select the BNB pair to make the buy.

  • You will use PancakeSwap to trade $IGGY (buy/sell); always have BNB Smart Chain left in your wallet to pay the network fee on your operations or it will not be possible to trade.

You can also search for tutorials on Youtube; watch videos and use as an example to buy $IGGY at PinkSale or PancakeSwap. Protect your funds, always make sure you have copied the correct address and the information is compatible. Do not accept help from strangers and NEVER share your private keys and personal data.

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